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A focused expertise

Specialists in the sale of grand French and international wines, a passion guides us daily: to lend to the discovery of these vintages, to reveal their unique characteristics.

A dedication to tasting 

We revisit and taste the wines that we represent on a regular basis. This is how we observe their evolution and construction through time, shaping their identity.

Tasting is a crucial part of our job. It brings us together, creating a time to exchange views and share opinions. It harmonizes the synergy of our team and brings us back to the essence of our profession. 

The evolution of each bottle is thus carefully studied and observed, to allow us to guarantee the final quality of the bottles we present. 

Wine is an ART and diffuses a sophisticated scientific savoir-faire, precise and unique. These tastings combine knowledge with skills and take us closer to what unites man with wine: the world of the living. 

entrepot sobovi Stpckage grand cru classés Sobovi

A historic chai in the heart of Bordeaux

In the heart of Bordeaux, the quays are home to our offices and our chai.  Like a treasure chest, it preserves the wines that are entrusted to us.

Constructed out of cut limestone, it keeps an even coolness all year long. Its constant temperature is maintained by an adiabatic cooling system that does not require the use of air conditioning. This feature is in line with our approach to low emissions and respect for the environment, one of the foundations of our commitments.

Mostly composed of Bordeaux grands crus classés, our selection also includes great French and foreign wines. More than 2.5 million bottles and more than 3,500 references are kept in this cellar, which has been able to adapt over the years and bears witness to the evolution of our company.

Aesthetically, rigorous organization reigns supreme. Not a single detail is left to chance. Precise and designed and coordinated to be as structured as possible. Each bottle, each case is preserved as if it had never traveled, thus allowing it to blossom over time in the best conditions.

A meticulous team, in constant and permanent liaison with our office, creating a real synergy. A rare, fruitful and precious proximity that ensures a quick internal management in the dispatching of each of our orders.

bureaux à Hong-Kong avec la présence d’agents partout en Asie Personne qui range une caisse de vin découvrez l'expertise sobovi négociant vin

A continuous evolution

A focused expertise

Our distribution system