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Like a foundation, that over time, grows and becomes stronger and is intensified by the exhilarating connections that illustrate and amplify experiences, Sobovi writes it’s own story, tells the tale of the places, the fascination and unique encounters that rekindle and perpetuate happy memories.
The recipes of renowned Chef’s signature dishes entice us to gather at the table and savor delectable flavors, tell travel stories and to share discoveries of places as unique as they are unusual. This is another facet of our history, rich in events, encounters and experiences, all evolving around our passion for our profession and allowing us the opportunity to share with you.

Some famous Chefs, such as Mr. Michel GUERARD and Mr. Alain DUTOURNIER, who have been awarded stars by the Michelin Guide, allow us to discover one of their recipes through the book ‘Château de Fargues’.

Alain Dutournier represents the colors of the South-West in Paris. His emblem, a musketeer’s hat, symbolizes both his Gasgogne landaise heritage and the daring, panache and gourmandise that characterize the man and his cuisine. Discover the recipe for Oysters “en crépinette de ris de veau truffée” for 6 plates.

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Article presse Château de Fargues ambition Sauternes

Michel Guérard

Michel Guérard is a beacon of French cuisine who, soon to be in his nineties, continues to shine brightly. He has been awarded three Michelin stars for his forty-five years at Les Près d’Eugénie, in the Landes region of France, and has never stopped cooking. Discover the recipe for roasted and slightly smoked half lobster done in the fireplace and onion confit made in the oven with peach compote.

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